Field Test

Field testing is not same as the testing done at the laboratory (CSIRO).

As the slab thickness, screed size, test area size, flanking, etc. all will effect the acoustic result. Field test results can’t be transferred from the test building to your building.

When the system tested at the CSIRO for compliance, its acoustic results can be used for multiple sites with proven compliance.


Many of our opponents will not provide CSIRO laboratory test reports that prove compliance acoustically. Commonly field tests are provided by them instead as. Once these type of systems installed, you will be faced with:

  • Having to confirm compliance after the installation is completed.
  • Not being able to show that the installation is appropriate until after it’s completed. 

These methods will involve extra cost for site testing and can also lead to expensive rectification works.


When Uniroll Systems are installed as per our recommendations, both the installer and builder are protected. The floor installation is automatically in compliance with the Building Code of Australian (BCA) as the systems are “Deemed to Satisfy”.

This said CSIRO test report & field test examples can be supplied upon request. 

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