Installation & Maintenance


Uniroll interlocking rubber floor tiles are a very easy rubber floor system to install.  They can be loose laid or with adhesives.

Whether you are buying the tiles for a commercial  institutional application, or even for your own backyard, laying these tiles is just like clicking pieces of a puzzle together. - DO IT YOUSELF!

Please contact us for “Installation Instruction”.


You normally only need to sweep and lightly mop the floor.  Begin by removing all surface debris, grit, sand and soil with a broom. Vacuum the entire surface with high CFM vacuum to assure of the finer dirt and grit is removed.

If the floor is especially dirty you may want to hand mop some of the worst areas before you begin.

Heavily soiled areas you may need to repeat the process with a more aggressive black scourer in order to remove the dirt. 

When using a buffer or auto scrubber, with only a mild pad or a soft nylon brush. Do not let the cleaning solution stand on the rubber floor for long periods of time.

Once the surface is satisfactorily cleaned, you will need to rinse the surface with clean water. This can either be done with a hand mop or an auto scrubber.

Note: Never use mineral spirits, paint thinners or strippers or any petroleum based product to clean your rubber floor.

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