Need Approval For Strata ?


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Are you thinking of replacing carpet with a hard floor finish?

The removal of existing carpet and replacement with a hard floor surface could change the noise environment in your downstairs neighbour’s home quite significantly.

Uniroll provides the best acoustic floor systems to reduce the impact of footfall noise under a vast number of selected hard floor finishes.


Getting approval before start

You will need to present your proposed floor alterations to your Owners Corporation for their approval prior to commencement of any works.

Discuss your plans for your floor with your Strata Management and be sure to ask them for any information and guidance that will obtain the best outcome for all concerned. It is necessary that you obtain as much information as possible regarding your building. Such as:

  • Know your By-Laws
  • What is your existing sub-base?
  • What is the current ceiling structure between you and your neighbour below?

In most cases Uniroll can provide system specifications for ceramic tiles, marble, stone, timber, parquetry, engineered floating floors, vinyls etc. All projects can run smoothly with good communication and effective teamwork.


We would be more than happy to assist with a detailed floor specification.


Please provide the details as shown on " Strata_Enquiry_Form.pdf " attached.


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